Jeep's Redesigned 2018 Wrangler Will Receive an 8-Speed Automatic

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Time to ditch that crappy five-speed slushbox.

First off, expect for the next generation Jeep Wrangler to retain its six-speed manual. It wouldn't be the Wrangler we all know and love without it. But for some who don't like (or simply don't know how) to row their own gears, an automatic is also available. But here's the thing about it: this five-speed slushbox sucks, and Jeep knows it. That'll change in 2018. In a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it's stated the '18 Wrangler will offer the same 8-speed automatic currently paired with the Ram 1500 and Grand Cherokee.

It was also noted in the filing that this gearbox "reduces fuel consumption by more than 9 percent over the five-speed" it replaces. Jeep has wanted to do this transmission swap for a few years now but the design of the current Wrangler doesn't fit the 8-speed. Other details of the next Wrangler are being kept a closely guarded secret, but note this: the 8-speed in the Ram 1500 is paired to both gasoline and diesel engines, making it theoretically possible for the new Wrangler to have an oil burner under its hood.

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