Jeep's Zombie Halloween Ad For The Renegade Is Unbearably Cheesy

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Zombies, a Jeep and a boy band member = scary.

Sometimes manufacturers get cool ideas around the holidays, and this is one of them: a zombie-filled advert for the new Jeep Renegade just in time for Halloween. We see the new Renegade in a funky green color driving past loads of the undead in an underground parking lot. Luckily it's driving slow and the now-famous "Renegade Stoppie" doesn't need to be employed. There a few things that don't make too much sense, but that's creative license for you. In your usual zombie storylines people are fleeing from the mindless members of the undead.

Not here, though. One of the infected is actually driving the car. It's James McVey from the band the The Vamps, a favorite among the millennials the product planners are targeting.

So we have a Jeep Renegade, some undead zombies, and a youngster from a boy band. If that doesn't sound like a horror then you're a much stronger person than we all are. But if we were to look on the bright side, at least the walking dead seen here don't include a bunch of scary chaps, a large leader and a head being used for batting practice...over and over and over. Could be worse.

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