Jeep Scores Epic Own Goal, Leaks New Grand Cherokee Pricing

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Somebody's going to be in big trouble.

Depending on your job, there are a few specific precautions worth taking to avoid instant dismissal. If you're a chef, it's strongly advised not to serve meals with stray hairs in them. Crane operators are generally discouraged from dropping giant blocks of cement on unsuspecting workers or vehicles below. And if you are an employee at Jeep, you're not supposed to reveal the official pricing of the new Grand Cherokee before the company has officially published this information. Unfortunately for Jeep but fortunately for the rest of us, someone at the company missed this memo and appears to have inadvertently shared this classified information.

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Manufacturers rarely leak their own information, which is equivalent to an own goal in soccer. Apparently, the 2022 Grand Cherokee's configurator went live and the pricing was briefly exposed. The pricing is now hidden but not before Muscle Cars & Trucks jotted down some key figures. The new Grand Cherokee carries a starting price of $37,390 for the base Laredo. By comparison, the 2021 Grand Cherokee Laredo E began at $34,970. The new Grand Cherokee L starts at $1,245 more. The 2022 Grand Cherokee Laredo is followed by the Altitude at $41,945, the Limited at $43,710, and the Trailhawk at $50,275. Further up in the range, the Overland costs $53,305, the Summit is $57,365, and the range-topping Summit Reserve is $63,365.

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These prices represent the trims in their cheapest form before you start playing with the configurator. The only 2021 models that were more expensive than the new Summit Reserve were the high-performance SRT and Trackhawk variants. We're hopeful that a new Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will make an appearance at some point before electrification takes over. Comparing apples with apples, the new Overland is $5,570 pricier than the 2021 equivalent and the Trailhawk is now $3,880 more, so the increases are significant for certain trims. Still, at least the new Grand Cherokee - which ushers in a premium cabin and a new hybrid powertrain - isn't much more expensive at the bottom of the lineup. The new SUV arrives before the end of the year.

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Source Credits: Muscle Cars & Trucks

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