Jeep Survivor: Cross Between Off-Road And A Lawnmower

When designer Max Ostap started his concept for the Jeep Survivor at the Art Center College of Design. He must have either seen one too many Jurassic Park movies, got tired of boring old lawnmowers, or maybe saw a glimpse into the future of Jeeps. The Jeep Survivor also has some UNIMOG-like wheels to go with its all-terrain design that seems perfectly suited for any outdoorsman or lawn service.

The camouflage-like paint also helps to blend in well for any jungle area. The Jeep Survivor concept takes its inspiration from the Jeep Bantam of World War II with its very muscular stance, integrated front bull bar, factory fitted spotlights, roof-mounted spare and a pickup-like rear tray that could be good for tracking down the occasional raptor or T-rex.

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