Jeep Teases Shocking New Future Ahead Of 4xe Day

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On September 8, it will host Jeep 4xe Day. This is what to expect.

  • Jeep will be announcing its future plans on September 8
  • It will likely expand the current 4xe range
  • First-ever Jeep EV might finally get a name
  • There's another Jeep EV in the pipeline

Jeep recently announced that it's accelerating toward an electrified future and is keen to share plans for upcoming models. On September 8, it will host Jeep 4xe Day, an online video presentation in which it will make a series of announcements.

Now that Dodge (also part of the Stellantis Group) has announced its future electrification plans, it's time for the focus to shift to Jeep. We'll likely see more of these announcements as the Dutch-based conglomerate catches up with its main rivals.

Since the Speed Week program worked so well, we expect Jeep to stick to the same formula. It will most likely announce new 4xe models and make a big splash by unveiling its first-ever EV. Jeep even alluded to it in a cryptic Twitter post.

Jeep/Twitter Stellantis Stellantis

The 4xe formula has worked particularly well for Jeep. The Wrangler 4xe continues to be a dominant force in the plug-in hybrid segment, which not even Jeep could have predicted when it was launched in 2021. In general, the automotive industry associates the acronym PHEV with cars like the Toyota Prius Prime and not an off-road icon.

Jeep further expanded its 4xe portfolio earlier this year by introducing the Grand Cherokee 4xe, which uses the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and two electric motor setup as the Wrangler 4xe. It's a superb powertrain, producing 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque, but the highlight is the 25-mile electric driving range. If your daily commute is less than that, you can go for weeks without paying for gas. No wonder these things are selling so well.

Front Angle View CarBuzz Rear Angle View CarBuzz 2021-2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Front View Jeep 2021-2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Rear Angle View Jeep
Front Angle View
Rear Angle View
2021-2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Front View
2021-2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Rear Angle View

The big question is what Jeep has in store next. We can speculate, thanks to a Stellantis product presentation earlier this year, where it previewed Jeep's first-ever production EV. The unnamed tiny crossover will almost certainly come to the USA, but we know almost nothing about it. We know production will start in 2023 and that it will almost certainly use Stellantis' STLA platform, which will underpin every EV product in the future. More on that a little later.

During that same presentation, Stellantis also provided a timeline for upcoming Jeeps. From 2024, all new models will have an electric version. This includes the baby EV and a lifestyle family SUV, which will be available from 2024.

It might be the production version of the Wrangler Magneto we've seen several times, but Stellantis' EV platform suggests room for a large electric SUV.

Jeep Jeep

Our best guess is a Grand Cherokee or Wagoneer EV. These new products have done wonders to elevate the Jeep brand and are the most likely candidates to go up against established German rivals.

Stellantis built this particular platform with four applications in mind. The Large and Medium versions of the platform are expected to debut in 2023, with the Frame following in 2024. The Smallest version of STLA will be introduced in 2026. Stellantis did not attach any names to the various shapes and sizes, but we know the Frame version will underpin the upcoming Ram 1500 EV. It's the only EV pickup Stellantis currently has in the pipeline.

The platform's planned power output is unknown, but Stellantis is planning a full suite of electric motors and multiple drivetrain layouts, just like GM's Ultium technology. The estimated ranges are 300 miles for small cars, 440 miles for medium, and 500 miles for large vehicles and trucks.

We'll know more next week when we find out whether 4xe day focuses solely on PHEVs or if there are a few full-electric surprises in store.


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