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Only 15 minutes after Jeep's social networking team issued a report on how not to get hacked, the automaker's Twitter account itself got hacked.

We live in a world of hacking. Whether it's coming from the Chinese army or some 15-year-old kid, corporations and governments everywhere are finding themselves in embarrassing and chaotic situations thanks to this kind of online mischief. And now only a day or so after fast food giant Burger King's Twitter account was taken over by "unauthorized users", Jeep has discovered that its own Twitter feed has been compromised. And the hacker didn't waste much time before causing mayhem.

Instead of posting bad language and random tweets, the hacker(s) replaced the automaker's logo with Cadillac's. A Cadillac ATS was pictured as well along with this post (among many other ramblings): "The official Twitter handle for the Jeep – Just Empty Every Pocket, Sold to Cadillac". Gizmodo claimed to have traced a link between the Burger King and Jeep hacks to a DJ who goes by the name iThug from New England. Jeep regained control of it within an hour, but the incident was not without its ironic side, occurring just 15 minutes after Jeep posted on "How Not to Get Hacked".

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