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Jeep vs. Willys: Which is the True Jeep?


More than half a century after Willys hit the market, today's Jeep Wrangler remains true to its ancestor.

Today's Jeep Wrangler is quite different, and yet very much the same, as the original Willys Jeep that hit the US market just after World War II. Sure, the overall look and off-road abilities are still there, but for someone living in the early Fifties, it would have been inconceivable to think that one day Jeeps would come with leather seats, audio systems and satellite navigation. But can today's Jeep still handle farm duties? That's what Fred Williams hopes to find out on this latest episode of Dirt Every Day.

On hand is a fully-loaded Jeep Rubicon with 285 horsepower against a 1951 Willys CJ-3A with just 60 hp. Basically, the Jeep Rubicon is against what's considered to be the most basic of the basic light-duty vehicles ever built. So which is the preferred choice for farming? Check out the video to find out.

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