Jeep Wants to Upsize with a Commander Replacement

With the baby Renegade unveiled, Jeep wants to go big again with the “Grand Wagoneer”.

Following the debut of the smallest Jeep ever – the Renegade – in Geneva last week, Jeep officials now have their sights on a large new model which will fit in above the current range-topping Grand Cherokee. Speaking to Autocar, company chief Mike Manley said there is a great opportunity for a larger model geared at the US, the Middle East and China. He said that the “natural name” for such a model would be the Grand Wagoneer.

This model would take the place of the former Jeep Commander, which has been out of production since 2010. After a long race to see which company could build the smallest, most efficient car that would still qualify as an SUV or crossover, it seems automakers are starting to miss their big SUV-trucks of the past. Just the other day, we told you about GMC’s possible future model – a Hummer revival. But even so, Jeep says it is also looking into the possibility of a micro-SUV, one that would fit in below the Renegade – assuming it can squeeze some off-road capability out of it.

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