Jeep Wants to Upsize with a Commander Replacement

With the baby Renegade unveiled, Jeep wants to go big again with the “Grand Wagoneer”.

Following the debut of the smallest Jeep ever –the Renegade – in Geneva last week, Jeep officials now have their sights on alarge new model which will fit in above the current range-topping GrandCherokee. Speaking to Autocar, company chief Mike Manley said there is a greatopportunity for a larger model geared at the US, the Middle East and China. He saidthat the “natural name” for such a model would be the Grand Wagoneer.

This model would take the place of the formerJeep Commander, which has been out of production since 2010. After a long raceto see which company could build the smallest, most efficient car that wouldstill qualify as an SUV or crossover, it seems automakers are starting to misstheir big SUV-trucks of the past. Just the other day, we told you about GMC’spossible future model – a Hummer revival. But even so, Jeep says it is also lookinginto the possibility of a micro-SUV, one that would fit in below the Renegade –assuming it can squeeze some off-road capability out of it.

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