Jeep Will Combine Compass And Patriot Into Single Model But Not Soon Enough

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It won't happen until 2016 at the earliest.

Many still view the Jeep Compass and Patriot as leftover remnants from the old Chrysler. They'd be correct, but to Jeep's credit, it's managed to update the pair enough to keep them on sale for the time being. Still, few would mind seeing them go, especially now that the new Renegade is here. It may be the smallest Jeep in the lineup but initial car reviews are all saying it's a mighty impressive baby crossover with solid off-road capabilities. So why keep the Compass/Patriot duo around?


Because they represent a combined total of 254,000 units sold out of the brand's overall 2014 sales figure of 1,017,000 units. That's a fairly sizeable (and profitable) chunk that Jeep isn't just about to throw away. Add to that figure the expected sales success of the Renegade and Jeep is looking at a stellar 2015. It won't be until 2016 at the earliest when we'll see the Compass/Patriot successor. That's right: it'll be a single model. No other details about it are available for now, but we're kind of puzzled here: where will it fit in the Jeep lineup? Mainly, will it be smaller or larger than the Cherokee? We're guessing smaller but that could also interfere with the Renegade's turf. This will definitely be an interesting thing to watch out for.

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