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Jeep Will Supposedly Launch a New Wagoneer Next Year

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Time to go after some of those Range Rover buyers.

It's been on Jeep's wish list for some time now, and it appears that it'll finally happen late next year. A three-row model, which could very well be named the Grand Wagoneer, is being targeted to launch as a 2016 model. Now that the new Cherokee and Renegade have been revealed, focus will be on the model that'll be even larger than the Grand Cherokee. According to Jeep's global boss Mike Manley, the Grand Wagoneer will effectively become the brand's flagship and will compete directly against large SUVs from many premium brands.

"With Grand Cherokee we've proven we can compete at the very premium end of the segment. The cross shop we have, for example, BMW (X5) is phenomenal. In the USA it's our most cross-shopped vehicle," Manley stated in Paris last week. The Grand Wagoneer is also a key factor in Jeep's ongoing global expansion, so it's vital not to make any mistakes here. We'll hopefully see the big Jeep appear in concept form at Detroit this January. What's more, the new Grand Wagoneer could very well end up being built at the Toledo, Ohio, Jeep plant as a replacement for the Wrangler.

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