Jeep Officially Teases An All-Electric Wrangler

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This one looks like more than a concept.

Jeep won't be left out of the Stellantis EV day fun, in addition to the new Grand Cherokee 4xe, the company teased a few other upcoming vehicles, possibly making it the most exciting reveal today. On second thought, that belongs to the new Dodge eMuscle cars, but the Jeep Wrangler comes in a close second.

Jeep talked about the popularity of its models and said that it will have a 4xe trim in every SUV segment by 2025. That seems reasonable considering the Wrangler already has one, and the Grand Cherokee 4xe was announced today. That only leaves the small Compass and Renegade and the full-size Wagoneer brothers. But the reason we came here was to see an all-electric Jeep Wrangler, and we got it.


In the first half of the video, we can see a white model with "Freedom" written across the sides with stylized Es. Jeep's new motto is "zero emissions freedom," and it sounds like a Wrangler will be its first product. We saw a version of this car at the Easter Jeep Safari, but it was called Magneto, which would be a cool name if it sticks around. It looks like it might be the exact same two-door at some points in the clip, but with different graphics. Later we see a four-door model.

The date skips from 2021 to 2025 and shows off the roofless Wrangler EV parked by a lake and recognizing its owners through biometrics. It then plows onto the trail for some off-road antics. We can see a lot of blue trim on the white Jeep, so maybe that will be the company's color for EVs. At one point, it even shows two Jeeps charging each other with the words "peer-to-peer charging."


So far that all seems doable, but then we get into some weirder features. First, the new Jeep looks to have drone pairing software to allow your camera drone to follow you on your adventures. The timeline then fast forwards to 2030 with the same couple and same Jeep. It shows the Wrangler dropping off its passengers before driving away autonomously, and off-road. In this part of the story, it has remote tracking and the couple regroups with its vehicle on a mountaintop.

Finally, and probably the most unbelievably, it shows the passengers reclined flat in the cabin stargazing, as the Jeep cruises down a dark dirt road. It's all very cool and exciting. At the very end, Jeep shows off several silhouettes that hint at future 4xe models of various shapes and sizes.


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