Jeep Wrangler Faulty Weld Repairs Are On The Way

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Here is what Fiat Chrysler is going to do about those dodgy welds.

A few weeks ago, we covered the recall that Fiat Chrysler was carrying out regarding 18,055 new Jeep Wranglers that may have had their front track bar bracket welded incorrectly. Only 722 cars are thought to have actually been affected but with an issue like this it is better to be thorough.

These 2018 and 2019 MY Wranglers could potentially have these brackets separating from their frames which may cause a reduction in steering response potentially resulting in a crash. Not the sort of thing that you want to have happening to you, especially in a brand-new vehicle.

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Manufacturing of these off-seam welds took place between May 7 and August 21, 2018. Apparently, if your car is about to experience a bracket failure you may notice a knocking noise from the front along with an off-center steering wheel position and the electronic stability control light may illuminate. Sounds like fun.

There have been no reported cases of any accidents yet but some owners have had these welds fail. If you own a Wrangler built during this period FCA will contact the dealers who will notify owners by the November 17. Until then it may be best to delay any off-road adventures.

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The actual procedure to rectify the dodgy welds was posted on a Jeep owner's Facebook page and Jalopnik has gone into some detail to explain what needs to be done to affected vehicles. In essence, it involves the car being stripped by the dealer and photos of the affected welds sent off to a 'technical weld specialist' who will then either repair or replace the bracket.

While this procedure may well resolve the issue, it is not the kind of thing Jeep wants to be dealing with on one of its most important models. Seeing as there have already been five separate recalls issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for the new Wrangler, let's hope that the faulty welds are just a minor hiccup and not a sign that quality standards are slipping.

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