Jeep Wrangler Pickup Still Possible

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It may not happen for a few more years, but a pickup version of the Wrangler is still a strong contender for production.

We've been hoping for Jeep to build a pickup variant of its iconic Wrangler ever since the Gladiator Concept premiered back in 2005. Despite Mopar's JK-8 kit, many have been clamoring for a factory-built version. And according to the guys at CarAdvice, their wish may soon come true. Speaking to Jeep's CEO, Mike Manley, at the Detroit Auto Show, the Australian website is reporting that Manley said he's a huge fan of the Wrangler and sees a great opportunity to do a pickup version in the future.

However, it is currently being set aside for two other priority models. Referring to the upcoming Liberty successor and reborn Wagoneer, Manley stated that "Adding a smaller vehicle at the bottom and doing a bigger vehicle at the top, from an overall investment perspective, is certainly more of a priority than a ute." Jeep sales have been soaring so it's vital for it to continue investing wisely in products which will fill a clear market segment. A Wrangler pickup is more of a niche product. But the next-gen Wrangler is due to in 2015 and if sales continue to stay solid, a Wrangler pickup is something the brand could very much afford to do.

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