Jeep Wrangler's Dose Of Street Justice Fails Thanks To Right-Hand Drive

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Watch the humbling moment when the player gets played.

So many paranoid owners of nice cars like to drive and park as if they own any piece of paved road because of their automotive superiority that it's almost routine to find videos like these posted every other week. All it takes is one big ego in a Lamborghini, BMW, or in this case, a Nissan 300ZX, to take up two parking spaces in hopes no one gets close enough to scratch to their ride and all of the sudden parking lot warriors and keyboard-touting justice-seekers on the Internet have a field day.

The owner of this modified Jeep Wrangler, an enthusiast themselves but one that seems to welcome scratches, certainly felt strongly enough to try and serve up the Nissan owner a hot plate of street justice by parking closely enough to the 300ZX to give the driver a sour taste in their mouth. And so did the occupants in the car filming the incident for that matter.

The dose of social correction was supposed to give the owner of the offending car a heart attack seeing someone parked so close to their pride and joy that it would risk damage when pulling out, but it's also intended to cause an inconvenience by having them get into the passenger side and hop over the transmission tunnel in order to sit in the driver's seat. The issue for the Jeep driver is that this Nissan owner is the real deal, a JDM fan that imported a right-hand drive car into the US. The Wrangler owner definitely had to hop over to the passenger side to get out, but the Nissan driver simply gets in and drives off. Joke's on you, Jeep.

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