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Jeep Wrangler Transformed Into A Luxury Off-Roader

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And it can be yours for nearly $100,000.

The Jeep Wrangler is renowned as a rugged and highly capable off-roader, but it doesn't belong in the luxury segment. Kahn's Chelsea Truck Company wants to change that, however, and has done the work to transform the Wrangler into a luxury off-roader. The tuner's creation is called the Black Hawk Expedition and is based on a 3.6-liter, 280-hp 2018 Wrangler that has just 50 miles on the clock.

On the outside, the modified Wrangler sports a Forest Green 3D textured paint finish that gives the rugged off-roader a military-style look. The eye-catching color isn't the only exterior change, however, as the Black Hawk Expedition has been fitted with a slew of modifications including a new front bumper, widened fenders, a vented hood, a 4-slot grille, and split-level targa roof.

Elsewhere, the tuner has installed LED daytime running lights between the bumper and fenders, LED cube lights on the A-pillars, and a light bar on the roof. Other changes include a satin black fuel filler flap, mud flaps, a quad crosshair exhaust system with 4-inch tailpipes, a unique spare wheel cover, a lift kit, and 20-inch Mondial Retro wheels finished in satin black 3D paint wrapped in 275/55 tires.

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While the Wrangler Black Hawk Expedition looks rugged on the inside, the interior has been given a luxury makeover thanks to Kahn's GTB sport seats, while the rest of the cabin has been coated in copious amounts of quilted and perforated leather. Door sill plates, vented pedals, a special identification plate, and aftermarket floor mats round off the interior changes.

Should you be interested in owning this luxury Wrangler, Kahn is currently offering it for sale in the UK for £73,999 ($93,582/€83,534). The tuner even boldly claims that the "build quality is comparable to that of a fully coach-built vehicle." Alternatively, you could just buy an all-new Wrangler for less than half the price, which starts at $27,945.