Jeep Wrangler Used To Put Virtually Indestructible Tire To The Test

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Delta4x4 added an uprated suspension and wheels to get the most out of the new compound.

The Jeep Wrangler has been under a lot of stress ever since the Ford Bronco arrived. Despite the iconic 4x4 offering a multitude of engines and body styles, it still struggles to put up a fight against the newcomer. Despite Ford conquering several existing owners into the seat of a Bronco, there are still customization firms out there intent on pushing the Wrangler narrative.

The latest of which is the off-roading experts of Delta4x4 who have reworked a Wrangler Rubicon specifically for Cooper Tires. This particular unit was commissioned by the company for the important task of testing its new Discoverer STT Pro P.O.R range. The tire company and customization firm opted for the Wrangler because they believe it provides the best off-road capabilities in its standard-guise.

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Improving on this is a bespoke 2.0-inch lift kit consisting of Eibach coil springs and Bilstein shock absorbers. To get the most out of the new tire, Delta4x4 fitted a set of its in-house designed Klassik B wheel with a beadlock ring for additional protection. This is designed to take the bulk of the impact in the case of a collision.

The Discoverer STT Pro P.O.R is a compound that has already been put to work in the Dakar Rally but now the company wants to introduce it for private use. What makes it so tough and capable is its Armor-tek carcass construction and a tread pattern that stretches out to the wall of the tire, making it well suited for rocky terrains.

Delta4x4 Delta4x4

Once the chassis modification was completed, the Jeep Wrangler was taken to Europe's toughest environments which include the Swabian Alps, Spanish Andorrian Tabbaco Smuggler's Route, Pic Negre and Slovenian Julian Alps. Its final test was conducted at the Abenteuer Allrad trade fair where it spent three days of intense off-roading.

As per Delta4x4's claims, the custom Wrangler managed to conquer these environments with proficiency. The new compound design has been described to be virtually indestructible which is good news for avid off-roaders. It is worth noting that the Wrangler was probably put to use for this project because the Ford Bronco simply isn't available outside of the USA. Once the new tire option becomes available here, it will be interesting to see just how much it can enhance the 4x4's capabilities.

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