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Jeep Wrangler Will Be One Of 30 Hybrid FCA Models By 2022

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What will these 30 hybrids be?

In order to "get with the times," many automakers have turned to hybridization on their new models. Last year, Jeep shocked us when then-CEO Mike Manly announced a future hybrid version of the Wrangler that would debut in 2020. Unfortunately, no further details were offered at the time, but Fiat Chrysler has recently revealed a small tidbit that could offer a glimpse into the company's electrified future.

Mike Manly has recently taken over as CEO of FCA, replacing the late Sergio Marchionne. Under Manly's leadership, the company has laid out its five-year plan, which involves lots of new Ram and Jeep products (including the hybrid Wrangler). FCA has announced that an important component on the Wrangler hybrid, a Power Electronics module, will be produced at the company's Machining Plant in Toledo, Ohio. Along with the Wrangler hybrid, FCA will introduce 30 models with "electrified solutions" by 2022.

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So what will these electrified vehicles be? FCA has been mum on those details, but we assume that there will plenty of hybrid Jeep models to come. The next generation Renegade is rumored to have a hybrid drivetrain, though it likely won't be the same one found in the upcoming Wrangler. We still don't know what engine Jeep will pair with an electric motor in the Wrangler, but our guess would be the more efficient 2.0-liter four-cylinder that is currently a $1,000 option.