Jeep's Latest Trademark Hints Something New Is Coming


Is this a model name or a trim package?

We've known for several years Jeep has been working on a revived Grand Wagoneer. Despite Jeep's status, specifically in the US, as the original SUV brand, it's a bit troubling it still does not sell a three-row vehicle. Its FCA parent company has got itself kind of covered in that department with three-row Dodge Durango, which shares a platform with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. If all goes to plan, the reborn Jeep Grand Wagoneer should arrive sometime next year. Will it be too little, too late? The verdict is still out.

In the meantime, Jeep appears to be pressing ahead with new trims for existing models and the Wagoneer Fans Forum has just learned a new name trademark application was filed just a couple of weeks ago with the US Patent and Trademark Office. What's the name? Obsidian.


The application's description states the nameplate is intended for use on "Land vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles." More than likely, this name is for a future trim level. For which model? Unknown, but it could easily be used for any of Jeep's existing vehicles or, perhaps, the upcoming Grand Wagoneer as well. There's a decent chance "Obsidian" will be used for an upcoming blacked-out package.

And why do we think Obsidian will be used for Jeep and not some other FCA brand? Because Obsidian is a type of stone with a deep black color. Such a name works best for an outdoor-focused brand.

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No timetable was provided as to when (or if) a Jeep Obsidian Edition vehicle will arrive, but back in 2018 Jeep also applied to the USPTO for the name "Recon," which is now a new trim level available on the 2020 Jeep Wrangler. Assuming Jeep sticks with a similar time frame this time around, then we could see the supposed Obsidian edition arrive sometime for 2021.

Considering the fact Jeep continues to move further and further upmarket, don't be surprised to see an Obsidian edition aimed more at premium luxury buyers than serious off-roading enthusiasts.


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