Jenson Button Drives a Lada

He’s driven for Williams, Benetton, Honda, Brawn GP and now for McLaren. But Jenson Button's latest ride is something a little more old-school.

As a former F1 champion, Jenson Button has had some serious high-performance machinery at his disposal, from the F1 cars he drives for work to the Bugatti Veyron he once owned and the McLaren supercars he’s helped develop. But at a recent safety campaign event for sponsor Vodafone, Jenson got behind the wheel of a very different kind of car. Arriving at Driving Camp Hungary near Budapest, Button drove all manner of Mercedes, including the new CLA and the SL63 AMG, before climbing behind the wheel of an old Lada 1500.

Needless to say it was a very different type of car to the extreme performance machines Button is used to driving, but that was exactly the point.

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