Formula 1

Jenson Button’s Ford GT For Sale

The lightly used Ford GT belonging to F1 driver Jenson Button is up for sale.

With this used car, the salesman would be telling you the truth that it only had one previous owner, although it was hardly some little old lady. Jenson Button, Formula 1 driver and 2009 World Champion, has been the proud owner of the Ford GT you see here since 2006. He has now decided to sell it, perhaps in part because he's been spending so much time in his McLaren MP4-12C company car, and has little time for the Ford.

There is certainly evidence to suggest that this is the case, since Button has owned the car for six years but has put only 3,500 miles on it. Acting as broker for the sale is Afzal Kahn, the owner of the Land Rover-centric tuning company Project Kahn. Kahn is asking £129,995 for the supercar, which is actually more or less its market value. That means there is no premium being charged for the famous owner, pretty good deal.

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