Jeremy Clarkson And Crew Have Already Agreed Not To Kill One Another


And on that bombshell...

Jeremy Clarkson isn't the easiest person to work with. He's opinionated, smart, and has potentially violent outbursts for various reasons on occasion. Richard Hammond, James May, and former Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman know this all too well. According to the UK's The Mirror, the four have registered a new company, Chump Holdings, for their upcoming show on Amazon Prime, with each having a 25% stake. They also created a "step-by-step guide" on how to resolve any possible creative differences.

This reported 46-page legally binding document covers issues such as decision making, conflicts of interests, removal of directors and errors, and other disputes. If there are any disagreements then a general meeting will be called in order to sort things out. This will be done through a show of hands that'll determine a unanimous or majority decision. A source close to the guys claims that "It's better that they have taken these steps at the outset so they can avoid things coming to blows later on." Hopefully it'll never be needed but you never know.

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