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Jeremy Clarkson And James May Think The Brexit Will Screw Over Their New Show

At least that's what this video suggests.

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, with the Brexit already rocking world markets and throwing the future of the UK’s auto industry into doubt. How are Jeremy Clarkson and James May taking the news? We assume not good. We know that because the pair filmed a quick YouTube video for the “Remain” side talking about the reasons the UK should stay part of the EU. Their argument centered largely on “The Grand Tour," their new Amazon show.

The pair don't want to spend more money to film in Europe, nor do they want to waste time on endless paperwork for potential visas. The video is pretty funny and includes some classic Clarkson and May banter despite the heaviness of the subject. Unfortunately the boys lost, but we doubt that will really impact their new show all that much.

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