Jeremy Clarkson Drove This Hennessey VelociRaptor And Here's How You Can Too

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James May not included.

Jeremy Clarkson used to host a show called Top Gear on the BBC. Remember that? Although he's now set to host a new show on Amazon Prime, anything Clarkson-Top Gear related is still a hot commodity, such as this 2014 Ford F-150 VelociRaptor 600. This is the very same VelociRaptor Jezza drove on the season 22 episode of Top Gear while in Vancouver. And now Hennessey Performance has put it up for sale. List price: $150,000.

Aside from Clarkson's denim-covered ass cheeks sitting in the driver's seat, what makes this truck so special? For starters, it's an SVT Raptor. And then Hennessey tinkered with it some and made it into the VelociRaptor. Upgrades include a 2.9-liter supercharger system that helps increase output to 626 hp. 0-60 mph happens in just 5.2 seconds. Other features include a fuel injector upgrade, high flow air induction, air-to-water intercooler, Magnaflow CatBack exhaust, and serial numbered dash and engine plaques. There's only 10,000 miles on the clock and it's just sitting there waiting for someone to buy it.

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