Jeremy Clarkson Dumps Celebrity Movie Star In Grand Tour Teaser


While taping in Barbados, an unexpected celeb made an appearance, but was quickly taken care of by Clarkson.

The trio of ex-BBC employees has been hard at it on the filming of their latest show, The Grand Tour. Well, by hard at it I mean they've been having a jolly old time while everyone else sets up interesting and fun things for them to do. They've already filmed in a few amazing destinations after kicking the series off just up the road from where this particular CarBuzz guy stays in South Africa. The show was in a remote location making the setup quite a challenge, but that's typical of the trio anyways.

We happen to know that a lot of content for the show that was planned never materialized because just like on their old show, these guys kept changing dates and times and requirements.

I guess the upside is that it's good to know that their personas on TV aren't just for show. Beside the name change and the new parent company, the guys seem to be their old selves, happily messing things up and not really caring too much about it. We'd love to add up all the damages they've inflicted on unsuspecting cars over the years. It's anyone's guess as to where Clarkson, Hammond and May will end up next, so far we know of South Africa, California, and now Barbados. If you want to catch the taping of an episode, we suggest following their Facebook page and Twitter accounts. We'll be updating you as soon as we have details too.

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