Jeremy Clarkson Gets A Historical Honor For His Career-Ending Fracas

It used to be that only boxers got awarded for punching people.

When you’re the star of the most most watched automotive TV program in the world, then your business is likely to remain a public spectacle for a long time. Jeremy Clarkson has learned this firsthand with his widely publicized “fracas" with "Top Gear" producer Oisin Tymon. As you know damn well Clarkson punched Tymon in the face. And as you know even better, this resulted in his dismissal from the show and its complete rebooting. The punch heard round the world happened at the Simonstone Hall Hotel in Yorkshire, England.

A guest at the hotel, who was apparently very amused at the fact that the career-ending blow was dealt at the establishment in which he was staying, presented the hotel with a plaque to commemorate the historic moment. The plaque reads, “Here lies the BBC Career of Jeremy Clarkson who had a fracas on this spot 4th March 2015. The rest is legend.” Hopefully the last sentence of the plaque will be lived up to with the trio’s newest Amazon show, but for the time being, this is a hilarious way to commemorate the ending of a monumental show. It's not like Clarkson is losing any sleep about it anyways.

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