Jeremy Clarkson Had To Do This To Get The Amazon Deal


But it was only a temporary measure.

Negotiating a $15 million a year deal is a big undertaking. With that kind of money floating around in the air, it's important to have an unimpaired mind. We're talking about Jeremy Clarkson and company's Amazon deal, here. Before getting into negotiations with Amazon for a new show, Clarkson reportedly gave up booze for roughly five months. "You can't deal with Californian lawyers if you've had a couple of glasses of wine," Clarkson said in an interview with The Times, according to Business Insider.

During the same interview, Clarkson also revealed the host that we've come to love is simply an act. "My job, my TV persona. 'Jeremy Clarkson.' It's a mask. We all wear masks. It's not the real me," he stated. You mean Clarkson really doesn't act the same way in real life? He also used the time to touch on the topic of going sober. "Californians have a habit of ringing at 11 PM and I realized I couldn't think as straight as they do with their leaves and mineral water existence if I was halfway through my third bottle of Leoube," he wrote in a column, according to the Mirror. As his tweets portray, Clarkson hasn't stayed sober since the negotiations ended. The new show will premiere later this year on Amazon Prime.

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