Jeremy Clarkson Has Some Excellent Advice For This Ex-Employer


Of course it's controversial.

Now that he's no longer a full-time BBC employee, Jeremy Clarkson doesn't have to worry about saying something stupid that'll get him fired. Punching a guy in the face? Already did that. But now the dust has begun to settle, with Clarkson alongside also ex-BBC employees/former Top Gear hosts, Richard Hammond and James May, off to Amazon Prime, a certain someone is mouthing off again. In Jezza's latest column for The Sun, he states flat-out that the BBC needs more of one thing if it wants to survive: nudity.

Basically, the BBC risks becoming irrelevant as long as it doesn't "face up to new challenges in the digital age," specifically by embracing sex, nudity, and cliffhanger endings. "Like everyone else in the known universe, I'm an enthusiast of the box set. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dexter, House of Cards. For Millions, they're the new religion." And what unites them all? Sex. "Game of Thrones is borderline pornography half the time. Dexter only interrupted his murdering to have sex. And Ray Donovan? Well basically, he's a one-man bonk machine. In fact, I'm fairly sure that the last time I saw a nipple on the BBC, it was James May's."

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