Jeremy Clarkson Involved In Car Crash While Filming For New Amazon Show

When it comes to Jezza, it’s just one thing after another.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Twitter makes his entire life sound like one extended episode of Top Gear, shenanigans and all. Drunken tennis experiments and pictures with his (female) interns sum up the experience pretty well but now it seems that the poor man has crashed while filming for his new Amazon TV show. Details are unclear, but Clarkson of course posted a picture of the aftermath to Twitter so his followers could witness yet another part of his life of lunacy.

The picture isn’t detailed enough to see what kind of car he was driving, but whatever it was, it's sure to be a write off. A mangled bumper, absent hood and side fenders, and what looks to be burnt engine components are the only things that are clear about the picture. Clarkson captioned the photo saying he was filming when the accident occurred, so it seems like we either have to wait for the show to come out, or for more details to emerge. Given everything that the Top Gear trio has been through while filming, including Richard Hammond’s near-death experience when he crashed a top fuel dragster at 288 mph, it seems that Clarkson will survive to terrorize racetracks and TV producers again.

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