Jeremy Clarkson Is Now Facing A Discrimination Law Suit Because Of The 'Fracas'


The ex-Top Gear host is in some really hot water.

The news surrounding Jeremy Clarkson never ends. The incident that occurred between Clarkson and Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon earlier this year is now in full force. As a result of the incident, Tymon had bleeding to his lip and swelling, while Clarkson was sacked from the motoring show. At the time, Tymon didn't press charges, which was understandable as he was facing some severe outrage from Top Gear fans. However, Tymon has now filed a discrimination suit against Clarkson and the BBC.

According to a report by The Guardian, Tymon is seeking roughly $152,000 for racial discrimination and personal injury. After the incident, an official report was released that stated Clarkson used abusive and derogatory statements toward Tymon. Tymon's lawyers and the BBC attended the Central London Employment Tribunal last Friday for a preliminary hearing in regard to the legal action. A spokesman for the BBC stated: "We will be responding to this claim but will not be commenting further at this time." Tymon returned to work for the BBC in May and is still an employee of the corporation, but has not worked since the incident.

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