Jeremy Clarkson Is Now The One Hospitalized - With Pneumonia

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Meanwhile, Richard Hammond is recuperating and James May may or may not have gone into hiding.

Perhaps it's now time for some payback mockery on Richard Hammond's part because his The Grand Tour co-host, Jeremy Clarkson, was hospitalized with pneumonia, according to CNN, and Clarkson's own Instagram account, of course. Clarkson was "admitted to a hospital on Friday morning during a family holiday in Spain." No reason was given as to how Clarkson came down with pneumonia, but we don't think there's any reason to be alarmed about his long-term health (other than the fact he's a heavy smoker).

As usual, Clarkson managed to find humor in his current situation by posting a photo of his IV-connected arm on Twitter, with the caption: "Not the sort of bangles I usually choose on holiday." The BBC has also learned he won't be able to return to work for at least a week. Yes, that means James May, according to Clarkson, "Is the only functioning member of the Grand Tour team right now. God helps us." As he further wrote on his Drivetribe blog, Clarkson is clearly annoyed at his current situation. "Thanks for all the good wishes. And to keep you up to date, I'll be out of action for quite some time apparently. It's really really annoying because I've never had one day off work since I started in 1978."

Meanwhile, Hammond continues to recover following his own forced trip to the hospital last June when he lost control and flipped a Rimac Concept_One, requiring major knee surgery. So, that makes not one but two The Grand Tour hosts out of commission for the time being. James May, meanwhile, has hopefully gone into hiding; some place safe and free from physical harm and bacterial microbes.

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