Jeremy Clarkson Is Probably Laughing At The BBC Right About Now



Remember when Jeremy Clarkson punched a guy in the face because of a cold steak dinner, then called him a "lazy Irish ****"? Right, yeah. That incident. You'd think everything would be settled by now, nearly a year after that "fracas." Well, mostly everything. According to The Daily Mail, the BBC has been slapped with a 19,758 pound – about $28,000 – legal bill for resolving BBC producer Oisin Tymon's lawsuit for injury and racial discrimination.

Yes, the case itself was settled out of court (supposedly for 100,000 pounds), but those lawyers still need to be paid for services rendered. Clarkson also had to pay his own legal bills, which the BBC made no contribution towards. Still, that additional 28 grand won't make license fee-payers very happy. As for Clarkson, he's moved on to bigger and better things. A new show with Richard Hammond and James May on Amazon Prime and a much bigger paycheck sound pretty good to us. Despite his empty stomach and short, somewhat alcohol-enhanced temper that day over a year ago and his subsequent firing, Jeremy Clarkson is still getting the last laugh at his former employer.

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