Jeremy Clarkson's Reaction To The Top Gear Finale Will Break Your Heart


"Hello, and welcome to what's left of Top Gear." - Captain Slow

And that's that. The Jezza, Hamster, Captain Slow era of Top Gear has officially come to an end as of last night. The final episode featuring the three was aired and, well, for many it was disappointing. The episode, which is expected to become the highest-rated in the show's history, lacked the traditional live audience and, of course, Jeremy Clarkson. Richard Hammond and James May filmed new links in between the segments, but the overall show wasn't the same without a certain someone.

In fact, the producers even brought to the studio a 10ft plastic elephant, the so-called "elephant in the room." Former executive producer Andy Wilman said the cobbled together compilation of two films was "very sad, absolutely awful to make." As the episode came to an end, May stated: "Thank you very much for watching and, well, goodbye." Hammond said goodbye as well, and the credits rolled in silence. But perhaps it was Clarkson's Tweeted response that's most heart breaking of all: "Many many thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years. So sad and sorry it's ended like this."

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