Jeremy Clarkson Scrutinizing Other People And Their Cars Is Awesome


He's English. He knows cars. He has opinions. Deal with them.

The second season of The Grand Tour is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime, and its three hosts are busy promoting it right now. Of the three, Jeremy Clarkson loves being in the spotlight the most, which is no bad thing. But he can be rude, crude and outright brutally honest with his opinions. No complaints from us. So LADbible sat down with Jezza and had him review the cars of a few celebrities and random Twitter users. And, of course, he had a few things to say about these people, specifically their attire.

If this were anyone else other than Jezza, chances are they wouldn’t be able to get away with some of the things coming out of his mouth. The BBC knows this all too well. But Amazon Prime doesn’t seem to mind.

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Better yet, let Jezza be Jezza and the ratings (and money) will come. It’s really that simple. If someone is insulted by his style and choice of words, then don’t watch. At the end of the day, this is entertainment, plain and simple. But we have confidence none of you will find Clarkson offensive. Unless you’re from Argentina, of course.