Jeremy Clarkson Takes To Facebook To Answer Fan Questions


As expected, his answers are hilarious.

If you were following Jeremy Clarkson on Facebook, you may have been lucky enough to ask him a question in what seemed like an impromptu Q and A session. All told, over 3,600 people asked him a question and he did manage to answer a few of them. People tried to get details about the new show, but Clarkson did a good job of keeping the answers vague. While they hardly gave anything away, they were nonetheless very entertaining. Here are some of our favorites.

Q: Are you still going to do specials like you did before?
A: Yup. We set off next week. Location is secret as before.
Q: Which was your best moment from Top Gear?
A: Cameron Diaz hugged me.
Q: In the past the show had access to motor industry info and certain vehicles through BBC connections, goodwill of the owners etc, wondering if it will still be the case now, and not just whatever Amazon can get by throwing money around
A: What does it matter how we get the cars?

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island with James May and Richard Hammond, which one would be killed first?
A: If this is fuck, marry, I'd kill myself
Q: Is there any chance you can get James to try out one of those water jet pack things in the new show?
A: He declined. Would you like to see him do knitting? He's good at that.
Q: Best car you have ever driven?
A: LFA Q: What is a fracas? A: It's like a cheese thing.
Q: Why do you have an asymmetric face?
A: Everyone who's driven a GTR has one.

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