Jeremy Clarkson Was 'Dribbling With Joy' When He Drove The BMW M2


Clarkson didn't have high expectations for the baby M, but it is really that good.

Automotive journalists have been professing their love for the BMW M2 for months now. Some have even said that it is better than the more expensive M4, but what does the world's most famous car reviewer think? Jeremy Clarkson recently published a review of BMW's latest M car, and at first he really couldn't see why everyone was so excited by a "1-series in a muscle-man suit." He wondered why anyone who could afford an M4 would want something that he says is "smaller, less good-looking and with less power." Sounds like he was unimpressed.


However, as he drove the car more he realized that the steering (even though it is electric) was excellent. Clarkson actually says that BMW is so good at creating an artificial feel that if it ever builds "a sex robot, you should buy one immediately because it'll be indistinguishable from going to bed with an actual person." Clarkson sums up the M2 by saying that it is cheaper and less complicated than the M4, which makes it the better driving car. Clarkson says that the E30 M3 was a "twitching nightmare" but that he loved the V8 E90 M3 and the M6 Gran Coupe. His favorite M car used to be the original M5, until now. Yes, the M2 is good enough to be Jeremy Clarkson's favorite M car of all time.

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