Jeremy Clarkson Was Sent To The Nut House And Forced To Do Yoga


Not surprisingly, he now hates yoga.

Getting fired from Top Gear and having to deal with the death of his mother at the same time took its toll on Jeremy Clarkson. Supposedly he became a "drooling vegetable." So he checked into rehab in order to deal with the stress of it all. Doctors ordered him to a remote retreat to get his mental state back on track. While there, Jezza admitted he practiced yoga and Tai Chi. He compared the experience to being in prison.

In his Sunday Times column, Clarkson admitted that "back in the summer it was decided by people with serious faces and stethoscopes that I need a complete break. And they weren't talking about two weeks in the sun with a book, and a million cocktail parties every night. They were talking about a whole month in the Stone Age…I must go immediately to a prison where there would be no contact with the outside world." It was not the "Scandinavian furniture and half-naked Vietnamese women" place he thought it'd be. "To fill the yawning chasm between the 5am roll call and 10pm lights out, hours and hours of what I've now decided is the absolute worst thing in the world – yoga."

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