Jeremy's Rennervations Is Definitely Worth A Watch

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Hawkeye trades his bow for a grinder.

Jeremy Renner is back in action, and in roughly 24 hours, he'll attend the premiere of his new Disney+ show, Rennervations.

We never knew Renner was obsessed with the automotive industry, assuming that he drives the celebrity car of choice, the Tesla Model S Plaid. Looking back at Hawkeye's brilliant car chase scene, the clues were right there. We only discovered his passion after his representatives contacted CarBuzz to find out whether we'd like a preview.

We're always up for good television, so Disney sent us the entire series to see whether it's something our readers would like to watch.

Disney Plus/YouTube
Disney Plus/YouTube

First, you need to know that Rennervations is not about cars. You'll be disappointed if you're tuning in to see a warehouse full of rare exotica. Instead, Renner has a thing for huge vehicles like tour buses, city buses, shuttle buses, delivery trucks, and, obviously, snowplows. During the intro, you get to see his personal lot in Reno, which has at least 50 large vehicles parked in it. According to the Rennervations press release, Renner has a thing for buying big old junk and giving it new life by reimagining the original purpose.

The show is about that, and in Renner's own words, also about making good deeds "cool as f%$ck." You know, actually doing something meaningful with your life instead of moaning about how "woke" Disney has become.

To that end, the series focuses on four builds, each a unique project built to benefit a charity. Being an A-lister, Renner also called in support from some of his friends to give these projects more traction and draw some additional eyeballs to causes that matter.

Disney Plus/YouTube

Renner is less involved with the builds than we hoped, but the backup cast is just as entertaining. Led by Jeremy's friend and business partner, Rory Millikin, the construction team sets out to build four creations to improve lives across the globe.

With Renner establishing each mission at the show's start, the ragtag bunch of creators sets about delivering what he had in mind. In the case of the first season, it's building a mobile music station out of a bus, a bus reimagined as a dance studio, and a mobile recreation center out of an old shuttle. The one that hits home is the delivery truck converted into a mobile water treatment center. This particular unit was built for Uva Jagriti Sansthan, a nonprofit organization trying to deliver clean, drinkable water to communities across India. To help spotlight the issue, Renner has his friend and Mission: Impossible co-star, Anil Kapoor, deliver it.

Other faces you might recognize include Vanessa Hudgens, Sebastian Yatra, and Captain America himself, Anthony Mackie.

Disney Plus/YouTube

If we had to describe the show, it's a mix of Pimp My Ride starring West Coast Customs and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but with real star power. It's formulaic but enormous fun to watch. And along the way, you get a deeper insight into Renner, who can also play the piano and sing.

While watching, you're constantly aware that Renner doesn't need to do this show. He had a starring role in two of the highest-grossing movies ever made and has starred in multiple award-winning shows and films. Most people would sit back and enjoy their riches, but Renner chose to give back.

For a man best known for portraying a superhero, it's his most heroic work so far. Watch it for that feel-good feeling, which is in short supply nowadays. Rennervations goes live on Disney+ on April 12.

Disney Plus/YouTube

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