Jerry Seinfeld Is Selling His Badass Kawasaki Green Lotus Exige

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Of course he special ordered it.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is also famous for his extensive Porsche collection. He's a lifelong Porsche fan and last year sold off 16 of these rare gems simply because he no longer drove them much and felt they needed to be enjoyed by others as well. That's class. That auction also brought in a total of just over $22 million. And, as it turns out, Seinfeld is also a Lotus guy. This unique 2009 Lotus Exige S260 will be auctioned off by Dan Kruse Classics this Memorial Day Weekend, and it's expected to fetch between $65,000 to $75,000, according to the auction house.

What makes this particular Exige special is its Kawasaki Green exterior paint, which was specially ordered as a $5,000 upgrade. Other features include a 1.8-liter supercharged four-cylinder engine with 257 hp, a six-speed manual and a lightweight motorsports battery. Carbon fiber is the material of choice for the following: front splitter, rear spoiler, engine cover, side air intake ducts, sill covers, top of the dash, and 12-spoke wheels. The auction will take place in Midland-Odessa, Texas. According to Seinfeld himself, "The key to driving is having the right car on the right road on the right day and being in the right mood." We couldn't have phrased it any better.

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