Jerry Seinfeld Is Selling His Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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How much would you pay for one of the best naturally aspirated Porsche 911s ever made?

Jerry Seinfeld is best known for his comedy shows, but he's also a self-confessed Porsche fanatic with a vast collection that would envy any enthusiast. Last year he sold 16 prestigious Porsches collectively worth $10 million because he no longer had enough time to drive them and wanted someone else to experience the pleasure of owning a Porsche. More recently, he sold his Lotus Exige finished in a striking Kawasaki Green. Now he's selling another Porsche – and it's arguably one of the best naturally aspirated 911s ever made.

Heading to the Russo and Steele auction in Monterey, California, this summer is Seinfeld's 2006 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The GT3 was first introduced in 1999 to distinguish Porsche's track-focused 911s before the more hardcore RS variants arrived in 2003, which are essentially street-legal, track-ready race cars built for homologation purposes. The 997 GT3 RS finally made its US debut in 2006 and was notable for being the first GT3 to feature an electronically adjustable suspension system. Power was sourced by a 3.6-liter atmospheric flat-six good for 415 hp which, combined with its lighter body, allowed the GT3 RS to race off the line from 0-60 mph in just four seconds.

And unlike the next GT3 RS, this one has an old-school six-speed manual transmission. At the time, this was the most powerful naturally aspirated 911 you could buy. Only 917 examples were sold in the US, one of which was snapped up by the legendary comedian. There's no price on the auction listing, but the celebrity connection will undoubtedly hike up its value.

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