Jerry Seinfeld's Latest Project: 'Comics and Cars'

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The 'Seinfeld' star is making a return to TV (or the web) with a new show.

Jerry Seinfeld, everyone's favorite (well, something like that) stand-up comedian and star of the famous '90's TV show about nothing 'Seinfeld' (not to mention car nut) is returning to TV with a passion project revolving around his love for cars. According to a report by 'The Daily,' Seinfeld's new show will be called "Comics and Cars." Details are still a bit murky and the show might not even make it on TV as no network has picked up his project yet.

It's possible networks are still hesitant for a new car-focused show after that other "The Car Show" bombed so badly last year. Since Jeremy Clarkson and his crew of misfits from "Top Gear" won't be on TV this year (something about an Olympics or games taking place in London) there could be room for a new car-related show on TV to fill that vacuum. Seinfeld's show should feature plenty of celebs, such as Alec Baldwin from "30 Rock" and Larry David from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and his notorious work on "Seinfeld" the show.

Jerry Seinfeld has been hinting at a new show/project on Twitter recently, so we are hoping one of our favorite auto enthusiasts really does go forward with his passion project.

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