Jethro Drives the Stelvio Pass in Ferrari 458 Spider

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Car and Driver visits the best driving road in Italy, and brings the best car for the job.

The Stelvio Pass. At over 9000 feet high, it's one of the highest roads in Europe, and connects northern Italy to southern Switzerland. The altitude and location are all well and fine, but what makes Stelvio one of the greatest driving roads in the world is it curves. It has 48 hairpins, laid out by the Austrians in 1820, with only a centuries-old stone wall to separate driver from cartoon coyote-grade drop-offs. In other words, it's the perfect place to drive a car like the Ferrari 458 Spider.

That, boys and girls, is just what Jethro Bovingdon has done, coming to Stelvio for the first time in his career and bringing a film crew along to document the experience. It's the latest installment in the Car and Driver Abroad video series, and it's worth watching if only for the scenery. But we know that you, like us, will have other reasons to watch.

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