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Jim Glickenhaus Vows to Make Ferrari 512S Modulo Concept Roadworthy

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Coming to a street near you soon.

The Ferrari nut is currently working on his third custom Pininfarina one-off, but that hasn't stopped James Glickenhaus from acquiring another spectacular Prancing Horse to add to his lustworthy collection. While the design of the SCG 003 supercar is being overseen by the Italian design studio's special projects chief Paolo Garella, Pininfarina's avant-garde Ferrari 512S-based Modulo concept was styled by Paolo Martin. Both will soon be sharing the same storage space in NYC.

Unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show where its futuristic wedge-shaped body blew away the crowd, the Modulo was never built to be driven, but that's exactly what Glickenhaus intends to do with it. Speaking with Road and Track, he said "Against long odds I've gotten Pininfarina to sell me Modulo, which we will awaken and make roadworthy." That transformation will take place in Europe, and will hopefully be unveiled in Villa d'Este next year before heading to New York to enjoy its first ever road time. This thing cruising through Time Square will be something truly spectacular.

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