JJ Abrams Working On Live-Action Hot Wheels Movie

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Can Hot Wheels appeal to an adult audience?

Hot Wheels does a lot of impressive stuff outside of just making toy cars. Right now, they're the only manufacturer that can say they actually make the Tesla Cybertruck. The toy car company is also a pillar of the automotive community. Heck, we're staring at two Hot Wheels as we write this. Suffice to say that Hot Wheels is an icon.

Now, Hot Wheels is taking another stab at the big screen. J.J Abrams' Bad Robot studio is set to produce a live-action Hot Wheels movie. Bad Robot was founded by the famous filmmaker back in 2001, but it's not clear if Abrams will actually have a hand in the film.

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Mattel said that Hot Wheels are more than just cars, they're "vehicles for our imaginations" and that it was thrilled to bring that imagination to life with help from "the ingenious minds of J.J. Abrams" and others. Unfortunately, details on the film are relatively scarce right now.

Parent company Mattel said that the film will "showcase some of the world's hottest and sleekest cars, monster trucks, and motorcycles." So, we know the Hot Wheels film will have cars in it at least. Specifics aren't given, but we'd be surprised if models like the Tesla Cybertruck, Koenigsegg Jesko, and other cars of the moment don't feature. Maybe we'll see another custom life-size Hot Wheels.

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It'll be interesting to see how the story of the film pans out. Hot Wheels has taken a stab at on-screen appearances before, but they have largely been geared towards children. To attach Abrams' name to a project like this is to elevate it some, and adult audiences will be expecting to be entertained.

Mattel didn't provide us with a projected timeframe for release either, so it's safe to assume that the film won't be out for a while yet. Frankly, it could be years before we see the film. Regardless, the story and premise of the film will need to captivate adult audiences, something that Hot Wheels hasn't had to do before.

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