JMS Racelook Turns Up the A3 Hatchback's Style

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The next-gen Audi A3 has been tweaked by the JMS crew.

The next-generation 2013 Audi A3 made its official debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and, being a rather standard hatchback, was widely overshadowed by some more performance-minded and stylistically unique automobiles. The new A3, however, didn't slip undetected and the intrepid minds over at JMS Racelook not only saw the potential for the hatch but they have presented their first official photo of their aftermarket plans for Audi's recently-released model.

Available on the European market, the JMS Racelook kit includes a front-lip spoiler (not available for models with the S-Line package), 19-inch OZ Racing wheels wrapped in high-performance rubber and a KW coilover suspension. The suspension lowers the A3 50mm in the front and 45mm in the back. The new pieces can be ordered from JMS either individually or all-together, with the total price coming in at just under €4,000. The package will be available from October of this year.

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