Joe Biden Wants To Electrify The Presidential Limousine

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Whether or not it would be a hybrid or a full EV isn't clear yet.

President Joe Biden loves cars and has made no secret about the fact that he has embraced the future of fully electric vehicles. That explains why he recently got behind the wheel of the groundbreaking Ford F-150 Lightning, the first fully electric F-150, just before the official unveiling of the electric truck.

But Biden seems to want to practice what he preaches - hardly a bad move for a president - because he has expressed interest in electrifying none other than the presidential limo. Known as the 'Beast' and generally powered by massive V8 powerplants, an electrified powertrain would be a big change for this reinforced barge.

Evan Vucci, AP

Following Biden's joyride in the F-150 Lightning, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether the president would consider electrifying the White House vehicle fleet. In a tweet shared by CNBC correspondent Eamon Javers, Psaki said: "That's certainly something the President has talked about and is an objective for him."

Considering that the presidential limo already weighs up to 20,000 pounds - roughly as much as four V8-powered Genesis G90 sedans - due to reinforcements like thicker walls and multi-layer windows, one wonders what an electric version would weigh with a heavy battery pack.


Of course, another possibility is that the Beast won't be fully electric but could transition to a hybrid. Although Biden seems keen on the idea, there's no telling when this transition will happen and even if it does, we may not know about it since technical details about the presidential limo are typically kept quiet for obvious security reasons.

With its truck-based underpinnings and the immense weight required to make it as safe from a potential attack as possible, electrifying the beast would pose a significant technical challenge but the president will hardly be short of resources to get the job done.


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