Joe Rogan's 1969 Chevy Camaro Is A Class Act

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Not bad for an elk eater.

Joe Rogan might be most famous for his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, but he is also known for only consuming elk meat for months at a time, taking so much psychoactive drugs that he forgets his own name, and for being able to kill a human being with a single kick to the head. Oh, and he's also into cars. Coming from someone who thinks that the Tesla Cybertruck is the coolest thing he's ever seen, Rogan actually has a rather refined taste when it comes to automobiles. Back in 2014 we covered his exquisite Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and now we get to feast our eyes on something a bit more domestic: his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

Roadster Shop/Instagram Roadster Shop/Instagram Roadster Shop/Instagram Roadster Shop/Instagram

This all-black Camaro was built and tuned by Roadster Shop, and has all the go to match the show, kinda like Joe. The exterior of this '69 Camaro has been left mostly stock with the exception of a few boast tweaks. The front bumper is hand fabricated, and the carbon-fiber cowl hood is also a custom one-off piece. The car rolls on a set of massive multi-spoke HRE wheels and behind the front wheels hides a set of 14-inch performance brake calipers. The side profile shows shaved door handles with C6 Corvette interior handles, and satin black billet gills fill up the rear quarter. The rear-end features the classic trunk lip spoiler and blacked-out taillights. A simple dual-exit exhaust system finishes off the rear.

Roadster Shop/Instagram Roadster Shop/Instagram Roadster Shop/Instagram

Under the hood is where things get really exciting. For the big and powerful Joe Rogan, Roadster Shop decided to go for a big and powerful V8 engine. You're looking at a crate LSA motor with a bit of headwork, a reworked cam, new pulleys and belts. These simple tweaks are highly effective: the 6.2-liter supercharged GM engine now produces around 850 horsepower with a powerband that's broader than Rogan's knowledge of magic mushrooms. A fully custom chassis is responsible for handling all that power, and features power rack and pinion steering, Fox coilover suspension, and Mustang spindles. The interior of this Camaro is all business, and all black with a period-correct steering wheel, retro bucket seats, and a few choice tech upgrades such as a banging audio system. It's refreshing to see a celebrity not going overboard with a classic muscle car.

Roadster Shop/Instagram Roadster Shop/Instagram Roadster Shop/Instagram

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