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John Cena And Ford Reach A Settlement Over GT Sale

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And yet the whereabouts of the Ford GT in question remain unknown.

Buying a new $450,000, 647-hp Ford GT comes with certain obligations, one of which is an agreement not to sell the supercar for 24 months following the initial purchase. Ford doesn't want these hand-picked owners to offload their GTs for crazy money, and rightly so. Professional wrestler John Cena felt differently. He sold his Ford GT not long after taking delivery, claiming financial reasons and that the car was his to do with as he pleased. Ford sued him as a result and now, according to Jalopnik, a settlement has been reached by the two parties.

Cena's legal team has announced that despite an agreement to retain ownership of the GT for at least two years, Cena opted to settle with Ford for an undisclosed sum. Ford will now donate that entire amount to charity. "I love the Ford GT and apologize to Ford, and encourage others who own the car to respect the contract," said Cena. "I am pleased we could resolve this matter outside of court, and that a worthy charity will benefit from one of the most iconic cars in the world." The first batch of GT owners was limited to just 500 individuals, all of whom were selected by Ford following an extensive vetting process based on the applicant's enthusiasm for the brand as well as their long-term intentions for the car.

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The intention is for these owners to serve as brand ambassadors of sorts, so it's obvious why Ford was angry with Cena. He sold his GT to New Autos Inc. in California, which has subsequently sold the car to an unknown buyer. Ford also sued the dealership last November for knowingly purchasing a car whose owner/seller could not legally sell at the time.