John Cena's Ford GT Sold Again For $1.32 Million


That's one way to write off the value of a new McLaren.

Remember John Cena's Ford GT? Well it's sold again. Only this time it didn't go for as much as it did last time around.

As you may recall, Ford has taken measures to keep owners from flipping their GTs. And we don't mean the stability control system: the automaker had owners sign an agreement not to sell their supercars within two years of taking delivery. The wrestler-turned-actor broke the contract and sold his in September of last year, shortly after taking delivery. Ford sued, but they settled, and as a result it's been free to trade hands on the open market.

And trade hands it has. With so few on the market available to prospective buyers looking to skip ahead of the waiting list, chassis number 77 (representing Cena's year of birth) is now on its sixth owner. Cena sold it to a dealer, which in turn sold it to an elderly farmer, who found it difficult to get in and out of, so he put it up for auction. Russo and Steele sold it for $1.54 million in Monterey just a couple of months ago. And now Mecum has sold it again in Dallas to its latest owner, who paid $1.32 million.

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That's a net loss of $220,000 ­– a difference equal to nearly half of what Ford charged for it new. That by itself would be almost enough to buy a McLaren 600LT, and certainly more than enough for a 570S.

At this point, we won't be surprised to see this very supercar show up for sale again – especially if its new owner thinks he can get more for it than the hammer price. But with Ford opening up the order books for the next batch, demand may not be quite as high moving forward as it has been with just the first 250 examples on the road.