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John Cena's Ford GT Sold (Again) For $1.5 Million

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Once it's on the market, it's on the market.

The saga of John Cena's Ford GT hasn't ended quietly. Just the opposite – it's drawn more blood. Seven figures of it, in fact.

For those just joining the story, the professional wrestler turned actor was one of the first to take delivery of the Blue Oval's new supercar... and was (one of) the first to sell it. Ford was none too happy about it, and sued him (and the dealership) for breaching the contract it makes owners sign to prevent speculation. Ford, Cena, and the dealer settled their respective cases, but they apparently left the vehicle free to sell on the open market.

Now that's just what it's done for the second time. Russo and Steele auctioned that same Ford GT during Monterey Car Week, selling for a handsome total of over $1.5 million.

That's a heck of a lot more than the $450k or so that Ford charged for the car fresh from the factory. Nearly three and a half times more, in fact. But given how scarcely available the twin-turbo supercar is, the sale price isn't all that shocking. In fact another example of the same – the only other one we've seen come up for sale – went for significantly more. Mecum Auctions sold it for $1.8 million this past May.

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Fortunately those still hoping to get their hands on a new Ford GT but who don't have the million-plus to spend, the American automaker is still making more of them. Just not very many. Following the initial 250 cars made, it'll produce another 250 in each of the three years to come. And those that make it onto the open market, you can bet they'll command princely sums as well.