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John Cena’s Infamous Ford GT Is Up For Sale…Again

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But there’s a very good reason why.

John Cenna's Ford GT has a rather notorious history. You may remember when the professional wrestler and actor sold the $450,000 supercar last year, despite signing an agreement not to for the first two years of ownership. This resulted in Ford filing a lawsuit against Cena and the dealership that sold it. A settlement was recently reached between the two parties, however, and all the money is being donated to charity. But just two months after the settlement, the infamous Ford GT is up for sale yet again. According to Jalopnik, the car will be crossing the auction block in Monterey, California this weekend. Ironically, it's being sold through the same dealer that Ford sued for flipping it - but there's a very good reason why.

According to the dealership's president, the car's current owner, a 78-year-old farmer from California, is unable to enjoy Ford's halo supercar because of back problems nearly a year after buying it. Rather than leave it gathering dust in a garage, he wants it to go to someone who can drive it and enjoy it the way Ford intended. The farmer specifically wanted his last car to be an American supercar and originally applied for the new GT but was declined by Ford.

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"He says, 'Bernie, I don't need to sell the car. But it's getting to the point where I can't get in the car, and it's too difficult to drive,'" the dealership's president, Bernie Knaus, told Jalopnik. "He has some back issues, [but] he got the dream of owning it."

When the farmer bought the car last year, it had just 30 miles on the odometer. Since then, the GT, which is one of only 138 produced in 2017, has clocked up 625 miles in total, so at least he drove it while he could. Let's hope the next owner also gives the Ford GT's 647-hp, 3.5-liter V6 a regular workout. "This is the only 2017 Ford GT for sale that is unencumbered by past, present or future lawsuits from Ford," said Knaus. "This is going to be an exciting one to watch."